R&D Capabilities

We have established a technical R&D center, specializing  in the research and design  of progressive interconnect solutions and products. The core staff of the center‘s technical and management teams have more than a decade of experience in interconnect industries with sufficient theoretical research and extensive practical experience. The Company has gathered and developed a professional team with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of electronic connectors. At present, the team consists of a total of 78 professionals with rich expertise in all aspects such as base research, design applications, process manufacturing and testing.

The encouraging creativity of the R&D center team has earned a number of technical projects sponsored by the development funding of Shenzhen city  and strong policy support for industrial applications, and has expanded the exchange of technical personnel and research and development cooperation with the IEC China Standards Committee, Chinese industry testing centers,  and many other well-known Chinese research institutes and universities.

The R&D center team focuses on the research and development of miniature RF connectors and interconnecting systems, and this project is listed as the major project of Shenzhen’s 12th Five-Year Plan. In the terms of the design and manufacture of miniature and ultra-compact connectors, the team has accumulated unique special experiences and superiority, with over 40 patents to date, some of which have also won patent rights in the United States, Europe and Japan. The team has also developed several entire product series such as the MINI RF Connector, the USS RF Connector and the SCS RF Connector

The R&D center team is equipped with professional, customized design capabilities, able to meet all customer needs for small and/or ultra-compact applications and high-precision interconnectors.


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